Things I have done online tonight

May 31, 2008 at 12:34 am | Posted in Blogging about Blogging | 8 Comments

Before you get too excited, I:

1. Spent $180 dollars at for 2 cases of diapers, 2 cases of wipes, and some frou-frou organic baby shampoo. Damn daycare – why do they have to change the babies so often?

[I’m a whore cheap. If you get baby stuff from them for the first time, and you use my referral code, you get $5 off and I get a credit towards my next order. It’s MASH5183, in case you’re interested]

2. Registered at the last minute for my high school reunion, despite my failure to lose 20 pounds beforehand. I’m feeling a little queasy right now…

3. Lost my facebook virginity. I may very well have been the last remaining person on earth in my age and  socioeconomic bracket who was not signed up on facebook.  Like I needed another way to waste time online.

I told you it was boring.


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  1. If I didn’t venture out to the red bullseye store for baby supplies once a week, I might never leave the house!
    Facebook? Guess you aren’t the last one after all…

  2. Nope, no Facebook here!

  3. No Facebook here, either. :o) I wouldn’t know where to begin. Besides, I couldn’t access it from work, so why bother. It’s not like I have time at home. Ha.

  4. I’m a reluctant facebooker. But you know it did reconnect me to a bunch of people I had forgotten about. & now I get snarky e-mails from them asking if I am EVER going to update my profile…I can never win.

  5. as long as you are using MY ref. code! 😉


  6. No facebook profile here either (but I just joined LinkedIn, and have no idea what the purpose is).

    And we’ll check out pronto (and use your code if we order!).

    Also, whenever Ian’s got some cool looking on (e.g., some sporty looking green shorts with white stripes down the side), Meg tells me “Oh, they came from your internet friend.” Thanks again!

  7. I don’t have a facebook profile either. You are not alone! I think about it every so often when I get nostalgic and wish I was still in touch with a few old friends adn think they might be there, and yet I continue to procrastinate.

  8. I bought stuff with your code, but I think I should get a cut of that dollar, right?

    I don’t do Facebook, just because.

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