Attention New Yorkers!

July 24, 2008 at 11:20 am | Posted in Political Animal, The Sweet Life | 2 Comments

Gina of Diabetes Talkfest is trying to get the word out about a great opportunity for NY diabeaters and our friends! She writes:

If you are a New Yorker and have been denied coverage by insurance or would like coverage for the Continous Glucose Monitoring systems I have great news.

A friend of mine spoke personally to NY State Assemblyman Robert Sweeney tonight. Here is what transpired.

Assemblyman Sweeney said that when he wrote the diabetes laws (anyone active in anything to do with diabetes in NY State know we commonly call them the Sweeney Diabetes Laws), he positioned it as such that the NY State Health Commissioner AT HIS DISCRETION can add to the existing law, any diabetes product, medicine or technology that he deems necessary to be mandated for coverage by insurance companies in NY State. He does not even need an act of legislation, he can merely add to it.

Assemblyman Sweeney has sent a letter to the Commissioner about adding CGMs.

I was informed by my contact that we all need to send letters VIA SNAIL MAIL (NOT email, or fax) directly to the NY State Health Commissioner if you want your voice to be heard. If we respond in huge numbers he will hear us. RAISE YOUR VOICE.

Let Commissioner Richard Daines know that we are in support of his correspondence with Assemblyman Robert Sweeney that the Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems should be included on the list for mandatory insurance coverage in New York State.

Here is the mailing address:

Commissioner Richard F. Daines
NY State Health Commissioner
State of New York
Corning Tower
Empire State Plaza
Albany NY 12237

Also, I would like it if you could mail me a copy of your letter as well, via snail mail, (you can contact me and I will send you my mailing address privately) or if you can make an electronic copy of your letter with your address whited out and send it to my email address

I will post all the letters written on the Diabetes Talkfest. Our voice will be heard!

Thanks Gina, for organizing this. I will be writing for sure.


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  1. Any use for non-NY’ers to write?

  2. I’m not a NY’er but have finally gotten my insurance company to cover it! I guess it is going to become more acceptable.

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