Many Pictures, Few Words

November 11, 2008 at 12:46 am | Posted in M'ijo | 10 Comments

I just started writing a post about the trials and tribulations of finding a good endo – and the utter insanity that was trying to get my pump supplies refilled whilst switching doctors (within the same practice, mind you) but then I realized that I haven’t posted since before several significant events.

Fall & Halloween

Leaf me alone!

Sweet Skunk

Ebony & Ivory...

Happy Second Birthday!

Engine Fire

The Finished Product

Choo Choo Cake Cake!


I woke P’ito up to watch Obama’s acceptance speech. I wanted to be able to show him that he witnessed this amazing historical event. I am so thrilled – for my son, for our nation, for the world. What a wonderful thing that P’ito’s first vision of a U.S. president will be a smart, talented, thoughtful man – who is also a person of color. I will not let my sadness about Prop 8 contaminate how amazing it feels – for the first time in eight years – to have hope for my country.

Election Night 2008

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