Snapshots from a day

January 26, 2009 at 10:59 pm | Posted in Blogging about Blogging, M'ijo, The Sweet Life | 6 Comments

Leaving for work: bag, keys, lunch, check.   Eat the kid’s animal crackers in car, yum yum. Will bolus when I get to a red light, lights are all green.  Get to work, okay now must bolus.  Pump? Pump?

Oh crap. Wonderful Pili brings me pump at work.  Blood sugar has been on a roller coaster ever since.  SIGH.

At daycare: Kiddo runs to me, throws arms around legs, I am the happiest mama in the world.

Yep, he’s my kid: P’ito are you poopy? No Mama just fart.

Dinner: Tofu khan, peas, and ravioli.  Peas and tofu apparently taste better dipped in water.  I think I eat more ravi than he does, but I’m not really eating them and so I don’t really bolus and see above.

Bathtime cannot happen without his bus.  I tell him to go downstairs, get his bus, come right back up. Amazingly he does.

Bedtime: Read Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus twice.  He doesn’t really seem to get it – he always says yes when the pigeon asks to drive the bus, but he still really likes it.  Not sure why.  Shit, library book, needs to be returned.

Would purchase our own copy if Mother-Talk would ever pay me my amazon gift card or at least return my emails (three and counting, FYI).  Realize I will probably never get offered another Mother-Talk gig again for writing this, but do I really want one anyway since they don’t seem to be interested in paying me? Hope potential Mother-Talk clients are reading this…

Sing songs.  Kiddo does not want to be sung to.  Put down in crib.  Go downstairs.  Finish eating non-dinner of leftover ravioli.

Hear: Mama Mama Mama Mama – ignore until volume increases. Go upstairs.  Door knob to kiddo’s room is rattling. Open door to find child pleased as punch with himself for defeating crib. Crap.  See pleasant evenings of grown up time slipping away before my eyes.  Sit down on the floor and sob. Pick kid up and inform him that it is sleeping time and staying in crib time.

Kiddo is holding A Lot of Otters. Read, Mama? Read twice.   Mama, me moonlet.  Melt.  Put in crib, rub back, say silent prayers.  Rustling, banging, singing (Twinkle twinkle little… grandma.  A B C D E F P.  Up above sky so high. ) for an hour and a half on the monitor, but no more calls.  Sneak upstairs once monitor is silent.  Asleep.  In crib.  Thank you g-d.

And now? To write letter to go in holiday groundhog’s day cards.

On deck post: CGMS, the really cool technology that could be so so much cooler with a little bit of market testing.  And Medtronic Minimed, the company that is single-handedly destroying the planet with over packaging.


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  1. Love this post. And I love that you send out holiday cards for Groundhog Day!

  2. We sent out Valentines one year. And we didn’t even have a kid.

  3. Isn’t it good that kids are just so darn adorable so much of the time?

    I haven’t gotten my Amazon certificate for that last MOthertalk tour–but the whole tour never really got linked together anywhere I could see at Mothertalk. I think there’s something odd going on over there.

  4. It really is a good thing they’re cute, isn’t it? Days like that are frustrating even when they’re kind of fun.

    I never got paid for that Mother Talk thing either and have sent a couple of emails that have also gone unanswered. They just sent me another book, so who knows?

  5. You are very witty, ya know, even when describing a trying day. Hang in there.

  6. Oh so cute! And so two.
    The bedtime stuff reminds me of a certain someone. It’s like a contest of who can adapt faster (him to our new ways of attempting to get him to go to bed well, or us to his new ways to foil those attempts) and you KNOW who will always win at that.

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