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January 28, 2009 at 12:40 am | Posted in I really couldn't come up with a category for this, The Sweet Life | 6 Comments

I know we’re in a budget crisis, but this is beyond chintzy.

I got my 1099g in the mail from NYS. On the outside of the self-mailer was a survey with the following text.

Check your preferences, detach and return this card to us.

Which of these new methods do you prefer for obtaining 1099-g information in the future?

Tax Department’s Web site: or

Automated phone system

[ArtSweet: How about, none of the above, mail it to me?]

Have you accessed the Tax Department’s Web site for assistance in managing your taxes



Being a civic-minded individual I filled out the survey, and then turned it over to see the following

Post Office will
not deliver
without proper

Are you kidding me?

Um, no. I am not spending 42 cents of my hard earned money on behalf of the Tax Department and its Web site.

In other news.  How to cure Sensertaphobia(TM) in a few easy steps.

  1. Lose your Senserter.  Hunt all over your house without success.
  2. Do a hand insertion.  Hot damn, those are big fat owie needles.
  3. Realize that the Senserter is pretty useful, despite the fact that you break into a sweat from the amount of pressure needed to trigger it.
  4. Decide you are calling Minimed in the AM to beg for a new Senserter.
  5. Debate whether the cats or the child are responsible for its absence, since you would never misplace anything of such medical importance.


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  1. That is a huge fear of mine. If I lost it and needed a site change, I’d do shots every two hours until I found someone with one. I think I’d be willing to drive up to 2 hours to borrow one as well. I can’t imagine!

  2. I work for NYS and you wouldn’t believe the crap they’re pulling on us this year. They want us to forgo our raise (that’s in our contract) and each give up one day of pay out of 5 paychecks to “loan” the government (which we will be paid back upon retirement). They did the whole loan thing when we first started, now they want to do it to everyone again.

  3. Mel – I insert my sites by hand because I hate the serters. But I was very strictly told not to do the sensors by hand (and those needles are BIG, baby). Desperate times…

  4. The senserters have always scared the crap out of me. I refuse to use them. I think the pressure it takes and the nose it makes is what scares me to death. Good luck getting a new one!

    Becky and Jack

  5. I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who breaks out into a sweat! I’ve always done my insulin pump insertion sets by hand, but thought I’d try to use the senserter (cause they tell us to only use the senserter!)…had a bad, bad first experience (the stupid needle inserted half-way and then bounced back…out…), so now I hand insert…and still sweat. Oy!

  6. You all are very brave for inserting by hand. I have only had to do it by hand a few times and I just blindly jabbed it all in. It freaked me out and hurt much worse than with the quickserter. Maybe I have more sensative skin or I am a big weanie!!

    That stinks about NYS! More and more states are moving toward that though. I prepare tax returns in all fifty states and you wouldn’t believe the way state governments are trying to “cut back”.

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