Could Get MuchBetter Soon? (CGMS)

February 14, 2009 at 8:08 pm | Posted in The Sweet Life | 5 Comments

So, I’ve had the CGMS system with my Minimed 722 for about two months now, and while I really like being able to “check-in” without stopping to test – especially useful when you are frequently find yourself starting to test and being interrupted by someone (ahem, P’ito) who has discovered that the Cheerios box in the pantry can be emptied all over the floor… and then you come back – did I test? is that strip new or old? if I tested, what was my blood sugar? – there are some things about that drive me absolutely batshit. I hope Minimed reads blogs – and if you’re using the paradigm platform, please feel free to chime in with hacks, whines, etc.

Alarms: First off – need a volume setting. I am a deep sleeper, and I have never been woken up by an alarm. Ideally, this would be programmable by time of day, so that your pump did not go off like an air-raid siren in the middle of a meeting – but did wail to wake the dead in the middle of the night.

This would be unnecessary if the alarms actually woke me, but once the condition that caused an alarm has gone away, the alarm should too. I don’t need to know that I was high three hours ago, when my blood sugar is now 102.

I can’t remember when I put the damn thing in. So it just told me sensor end, and I’m wondering… did I already “start” this sensor for a second time? Or will this be “start” #2? Why not just get them approved for 6 days (or even more logical, a week) and put an end to this sham of re-starting the sensor after three days.

Meter communication. I LOVED having my meter tell my pump what my blood sugar was. It meant that I could test, go about my business, and two ten twenty minutes later look down at my pump to see what my blood sugar was. If you have to, have an “update sensor?” question for blood sugars sent from the meter, but please please, make this function work with the CGMS.

Button functionality. Once you hit the esc button to see your graph, you cannot turn on the back light on the pump. I cannot tell you how many times I have cursed as I esc esc esc esc to get back to the main screen.

Senserter. It is miserable enough using this thing – does it need to require enough force to push the button that I break out in a sweat every time I do it?

Anyone else?


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  1. Ugh the Senserter! Every time it’s like there should be playing suspenseful music in the background because I’m always a little afraid I’m going to have a gusher when I hit a vein like I did once and it takes SUPER HUMAN STRENGTH to push that thing!

    I have trained myself to hit the light button first but I feel your pain about that.

    And I miss the meter telling my pump what the reading was. I wonder if Minimed understands how easy it is to test and then literally 5 seconds later have no idea what the result was? That’s pretty much my world.

    Interestingly my sensors last about 6.5 days before they just give up the ghost and claim “lost sensor”, so when I get the 2nd sensor end message I know I should be planning when I’ll replace it.

    All that said, it’s luxurious to never test your blood and have that “I have no idea if this is going to say 30 or 300” feeling!

  2. Re: light — if you push the light button & the “B” bolus button (all the way on the left) at the same time you can turn on the light while on any screen!

  3. don’t know how much easier it is but if you hit the ACT button while in one of the graph screens and then esc once it’ll take you back to the blank screen. I’ve found myself hitting the esc button so much that it’s wearing off and I can hardley see the letters.

    I second you on the alarms. They’re loud enough to wake my hubby, but not me, but during the day they are too loud! Maybe the next one they come up with will have better functions.

    I didn’t know about the light and bolus button turning on the light. Woo Hoo!

  4. Yep, I agree with all the issues you brought up. I can’t tell you how many times a low alarm finally wakes me up 3 hrs later and I’m resting at 90 now. Ahhh.

    I also think the sensor/ultralink issues is lame. The 522 has been out THREE YEARS now. Why has this not been addressed yet? And why has this just made it into sensor literature.

    And as Becky and Randee said, there’s two ways to solve backlight problem.

  5. I agree with the points you made. I would never wake up when it would beep at me in the middle of the night so I have it on vibrate now and it helps. Also do you notice when you use it your pump battery lasts lesS?

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