The world’s most tolerant cat

March 10, 2009 at 11:21 pm | Posted in M'ijo, Meows | 16 Comments

Donut entered our lives on a cold and windy night in early December. I found him in a strip mall parking lot. I went to see if he had a collar on, since he looked way too fat to be a stray.

Turns out he was a stray. A stray who was living on hand-outs from Dunkin’ Donuts. Believe it or not, he’s still a kitten, which means he may be larger than your average golden retriever by the time he’s done.

He’s obnoxious to the other cats, has almost taken my hand off when I tried to keep him from getting outside again, has a purr that could melt glaciers, and tolerates P’ito’s abuse without blinking. Behold.


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  1. So flippin cute! Those purple shoes are too cute!!!!

  2. Everything about these pictures is freaking adorable! Love the 2nd one especially – its like they are playing wheelbarrow!

  3. That’s remarkable! Donut is so placid! One of our cats is SUCH a scaredy cat and it drives me mad. Give me a Donut any day. vee

  4. Wow, I thought we had one tolerant cat, but wow…

  5. Wow, those picture are great! Donut appears to have the tolerance level of your average plush toy ; ) We have one hyper kitten and one older cat who is so mellow he lets the dog chew his ears as a way of being “petted”.

    Now please tell me how on earth P’ito has gotten that BIG???

  6. that is adorable. i think it’s an orange cat thing…if our orange cat were still around, i am sure he’d put up with a lot!

  7. Oh my goodness, that is adorable. I love the last one. 🙂

  8. teh awesome

  9. awww our timmy was like that with Baby Sis. Doll clothes ride in carrriages and general tossing about….le sigh

  10. oh wow. That is a magical cat you’ve got.

  11. That’s my kind of cat. Tough, tolerant and hefty. My family has always had at least one of these cats, since I was P’ito’s age to the present time. Yours is adorable. My cat, I think, is jealous of the Dunkin’ Donuts situation. Though he looks as if he’s been taking a few fried sugary hand-outs himself.

  12. That is awesome! My fave is the one where P’ito is holding him. Brave boy.

  13. That is indeed the world’s most tolerant cat, hanging out with the world’s most adorable boy! these pictures are the cutest things ever.

  14. wow, that is amazing. my cat would NOT take that for a second, and she is pretty tolerant. and i’m glad to hear you saved that kitten from the dunkin’ donuts. blaugh!

  15. What a great cat! He looks very squooshy! Perfect for laying on! I hope he gets extra treats!

  16. Oh for goodness sake. Such fun. He sure looks monster sized for being just a kitten.

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