And now for something completely different

September 15, 2009 at 7:39 pm | Posted in M'ijo | 8 Comments

P’ito, asking about our 5 year old neighbor:  She in her crib?

Me: I think she probably sleeps in a big girl bed.  When you’re ready, you’ll sleep in a big boy bed.

P’ito: Like Mommy & Mama?

Me: Mmhmm

P’ito: No, I sleep in a big MAN bed. With Dora & Elmo on it.


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  1. good man

  2. Ha! We’re at a similar stage over here.

  3. lol!

  4. So cute!!

  5. Cute! Very, very cute!!!

  6. That is classic!

  7. *HAHAHA* I love it! So you’re totally getting him Dora and Elmo sheets when you get him his “man bed”, right?? This is so funny as we are, rightthisverysecond, researching non-nasty-chemically mattresses for Squeak’s big boy bed. He’s still in a crib sidecarred to our bed, and we want to get a twin mattress to just put on the floor next to our bed. it will be lower than our bed, so he won’t roll over and steal the whole f’ing queen sized bed…hopefully!

    How stupid expensive are these organic latex/cotton/wool/etc. mattresses! My goodness! I just don’t want him breathing chemicals all night for his whole childhood. urgh. 🙂

  8. I am sure that he is the only being who thinks Dora and Elmo are “MAN”ly.

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