CSA FAIL or I may never eat lettuce again

October 7, 2009 at 10:47 pm | Posted in I really couldn't come up with a category for this, Ya Gotta Eat | 8 Comments

I had a lovely salad earlier, composed of lettuce and peppers from our CSA.  A few minutes ago I was taking the rest of the unused but washed lettuce out of the salad spinner to put in the fridge and I popped a little handful of lettuce into my mouth.

It had an unusually crunchy texture, followed by a nasty taste.  I spat it out and this is what I saw (after the break, for the weak of stomach or heart)

Bug in Salad Spinner

Bug in Salad Spinner

ETA, about an hour later: oh god, it is still there, in the salad spinner, but it has moved.  It is not dead.  It is undead. Dear Internets, I had an inch+ long live bug in my mouth. I am going to go finish throwing up now.  And yes, I know protein, blah blah blah.


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  1. oh.




  2. Eek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. are treyf for a reason!


  4. I couldn’t stomach my CSA after last year – cabbage caterpillars the size of my index finger, a large pink earthworm curled around the base of something or other (I tried to drown it in the sink and IT CRAWLED BACK OUT OF THE DRAIN), inchworms on the lettuce… I got to the point where I was irrationally afraid to put my hands in the weekly bag of produce (paper bag – couldn’t see through it to inspect for bugs first).

    I know vegetables grow outside, we have to share the planet, etc, but I’d rather fork over more $ and shop at the relatively bug-free co-op produce section.

    Sorry about your experience. I would feel EXACTLY the same way.

    • I’m at work so I’m screaming very loudly internally right now. I’m so sorry! At least my CSA warns me when there is a chance of some bug grossness– like last year when they warned that there might be harmless but icky mites in the corn. ick. barf.

  5. We are not doing the CSA again. I love it in theory, but the stuff goes bad so quickly and then, well, there are the bugs. Ewwwwwww.

  6. ew! ew! Google Reader does NOT provide a cut…and I was eating! Why did I look???? I’ve never had that particularly gross CSA experience. But I have had a similarly disgusting farmer’s market experience. We’re a little afraid of Organic Guy’s stuff now. Especially broccoli/cauliflower…’nuf said.

  7. Ugh! I was seriously on my way to the kitchen for snack before I read your blog but now my mouth feels weird.

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