We interrupt this unintentional blogging hiatus

January 19, 2010 at 9:05 pm | Posted in On the road again... | 6 Comments

to say that we are OFFICIALLY HOMESTUDY READY for #2.

And now we wait.

p.s. And this is where I am supposed to “network” – the very word of which makes me a little queasy in the back of my mouth – and say that if you are an educator/social workie/medical/barista/works with people who might be pregnant and not interested in parenting type of person, and you would feel comfortable letting someone know that you know someone who wants to adopt… um, drop me an email or something and I will tell you more.  Okay thxbai.


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  1. Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope your wait is a short one!!!

  2. That’s big news! Wow.

  3. Whoops…hit return a bit too fast. Sending many good thoughts your way as you continue navigating the emotional and bureacratic processes of adoption #2!

  4. Great news! I take it from your comment about networking that you are going domestic this time?

    • @Michellesmiles – yes – and wow, what a whole different kettle of fish, emotionally, ethically etc. etc.

  5. I actually already mentioned it to a HS teacher friend of mine, not sure what your plans were but figuring “you never know.” Hoping your wait is short and stress-free.

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