I couldn’t make this up if I tried.

March 2, 2011 at 8:49 pm | Posted in M'ijo | 3 Comments

While I was trying to cook a healthy nutritious meal something P’ito would actually eat for dinner tonight, he was upstairs, peacefully watercoloring, or so I thought.

He came downstairs and wanted to watch his current obsession, Shaun the Sheep.  I loaded it up on the laptop and we went about our merry ways, until an odd dripping noise penetrated my consciousness.

Water. Dripping. Into the kitchen ceiling light.

Turns out he left the water running in the bathroom sink, with the watercolor cup covering the drain.

And watercolors all over the carpet in the hall.  (Thank you, clorox with bleach spray, thank you.)

And of course, when you forget to turn the heat off under the aforementioned healthy meal while you are mopping up the bathroom floor, you will wind up with a pot of healthy nutritious burned crap.

Calgon, I hear you calling.  But first I have to figure out how to clean the water out of the light fixture…


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  1. If he had been mixing water colour paints then there is a chance he may have also tried to achieve a unique light blue ‘hue’ from water and electricity. Personally, I would not recommend this as it may be ‘unhealthy’ but I have experience of men struggling with sink taps as my fiancee has a history of this behaviour it must be from a loose connection between his brain, his hand and the tap. If I find a cure I will keep you informed!!!

  2. Strange how nobody suggests you set aside a “child-initiated home repair fund” once you have kids. For all those things like not closing the shower door to steam up the bathroom more effectively, putting a superball in the garbage disposal, setting your pillow on fire while trying to read under the covers, etc, etc. (I, too, am not making these up).

    Just keep telling yourself that someday these will be the embarassing incidents you’ll be telling your grandkids over a family Thanksgiving dinner…

  3. Parenting is an adventure!

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