The Question I Always Ask

March 15, 2011 at 10:21 pm | Posted in The Sweet Life | 7 Comments

Diabeters, you know you’ve been here: to cancel the endo appt or not to cancel?

I haven’t been wearing my CGMS lately – just too damn lazy – so it feels sort of silly to go in.


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  1. I find it ends up being a good motivation factor for me to start doing what I’m supposed to be doing – that’s how I ended up going to my appointment today, anyways, LOL.

  2. As someone who love(s/d) a diabeter (heh) – go. Unless you have a really good reason to cancel & reschedule, go.

  3. LOL we had this same discussion in our house today and over the last couple weeks. BF canceled/rescheduled his and is going tomorrow. I canceled mine on the basis of her just wanting to see me “before you try to get pregnant.” Somehow I justify it that he should be going because he has diabetes but I am ok canceling because I “just” have PCOS. Dumb excuse I know.

    • On s’en serait douté. Il n’y a que dans les religions que l’on croit que le corps et l’esprit sont des entités totalement in©apdendÃntes.

  4. As the wife of a diabeter (I REALLY like this term!) I would be punting his butt to the Endo–unless you are endo shopping and don’t plan to see this one ever again.

    Hope things are good with you.

  5. Use the appointment as an excuse to get Rx renewals, or even a note for over-the-counter stuff like glucose tabs enabling you to expense these items for flexible spending accounts (FSAs) expenses — even if you don’t have an FSA, the doctor doesn’t know that!

  6. Thanks Shirin for your comments – “DAP – Never wr282#p&a1; looks a good motto & a nice tag line as a constant reminder of the three steps mentioned in the post.

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