Open Adoption Roundtable: Time

March 16, 2013 at 4:30 pm | Posted in AdoptThis!, Posy | 2 Comments

The prompt for this Open Adoption Roundtable was very simple and open-ended:

Write about open adoption and time.

I’m constantly aware of the time that’s passing and wondering how it’s passing differently for us and for Posy’s and P’ito’s birthfamilies. I am more aware of it with Posy just because of the strangeness of time when you have a baby – so much routine: bottle, feed, diaper, nap, diaper, bottle, feed – and yet so much newness happening all the time.

My day is made up of moments like these: Posy fighting nap for 45 minutes until I decide I’m just going to take her to the grocery store with me – only to come back upstairs from putting my shoes on and find her fast asleep, clutching her binky. So mundane, and yet so precious.

When I think about all this ordinary time with Posy that her birthfamily doesn’t get to experience, it fills me with gratitude once again for the difficult choice that K. made and that C. lives with – to give us the gift of these moments. And so I’m off to text them: a first tooth is poking through…


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  1. Sweet post. Cherish every moment with your little ones. And how wonderful that you keep in touch and share those milestones like a first tooth with them! All the best,

  2. TYVM you’ve solved all my prbemols

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