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The long neglected blogroll I had on bloglines appears to have bit the dust. I’m looking for a new feedreader – I can’t seem to get the hang of google reader – and trying to rebuild a blogroll over there on the right. If you should be on it, or you have recommendations for a feed reader, please to comment?

It’s a party!

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Dipping my toes back into the blogworld to say…


After almost two years in Guatemala – and far too many close calls – I am so thrilled to be able to write this at long last. Welcome home, welcome home, welcome home.  I bet this will be the best birthday ever.

Please g-d, be nice to Erin for a change

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If anyone deserves, it she totally does:

If you are not already thinking/praying/crossing fingers for Erin & John, would you please join the legions of us who are doing so in hoping that their daughter’s birthmother makes it to her PGN interview and everything goes smoothly.

And if you haven’t done so, or haven’t done so recently… today would be a GREAT day to buy something from her etsy store.

This is not supposed to happen

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My wonderful bloggity friend Shelli should hear in a couple of hours whether her daughter has type I.

Her daughter, who is two and a half.

This is not supposed to happen.

And of course, I am biting my tongue and crossing my fingers that, all evidence to the contrary, it is not happening.

But since if you bring an umbrella, it will not rain, I want to go ahead and collect some resources for her.

Parents of toddlers with diabetes blogs? Recommendations for pediatric endos in NYC? Useful not overly gloom & doom websites?

I am really hoping that if I publish this, it will turn out to be utterly unnecessary.

Let’s Play… Spot the Irony!

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From my local parenting magazine. Heh.

And because I’ve been told that I have been delinquent in the photo department.


Many thanks to Val for a) saving my life with that extra bottle of novolog and b) taking us to her town pool! And for all you curious DOCers out there, her castle is truly reeediculously awesome.

Get your karma booster shot here

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Imagine that you are adopting a beautiful baby girl.

You learn that, due to a kafka-esque paperwork foul up, it will take longer than normal for the adoption to be completed. You decide to foster your daughter-to-be in Guatemala for the extra month or two it will take to straighten out the paperwork.

A month or two stretches into a year. The mortgage is still due at home. You are without a source of income. Then, just when you think things can’t get any worse – they do.

This is what has happened to my dear bloggity friend Erin and her family.

While we can’t hold a rally on the steps of PGN and make them approve Azucen@’s adoption, we can make a tangible difference in the lives of Erin and her family. These are people who are much more comfortable helping others than being helped. But in order for them to continue to help others, they need our help right now.

Give up your latte for the week. Skip the new shoes. Take a minute to donate and help out.

Donations can be made directly to Erin’s paypal account. The address is erin stoy 77 at yahoo dot com (take out the spaces and replace the @ and .com parts).

And in case helping a friend and earning some good karma points* isn’t enough motivation for you… every donation – no matter how small (or how BIG!) – made between Sunday, February 25th and Friday, March 1st will be entered in a drawing to win $60 worth of Erin’s amazing crafts.  Erin has made the proverbial lemonade out of lemons by creating beautiful craft items from traditional Guatemalan textiles. P’ito has one of the dolls that she made, and he loves it [if by love you mean, smears boogers on it – which I think is the highest compliment he can pay].

Please donate and help spread the word on your blog as well.  Any help you can give is VERY appreciated!

Thank you everyone for digging deep and donating once again.

*The last time we did a fundraiser like this, all of the organizers got out of PGN very soon after organizing it!  Hmmm…. something to think about, nu?

I am a Winner!

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That’s not just a winter-sucks-chin-up-girl-positive-self-talk thing to say, although such a pep-talk is never unwarranted.

But quite literally. I have won some very cool prizes on the internets lately over the last couple of months. Mostly thanks to the wonder that is Prizey. And my guilty conscience forces me to interrupt my unplanned blogatus to say thanks. I won… Putamayo Kids Music, a tres cool funky ring (& barrette, which has been in my hair constantly since I got it), a beautiful book, which I am looking forward to reading with P’ito. I know he’ll love the cover: in his vocabulary all animals with fur are currently “CA! CA! KIKA! (kittycat).” Finally, I won a toy garage.

Garage Band

P’ito likes playing with the cars, and he keeps trying to use the keys to open other locked items: file cabinets, doors, etc. He hasn’t used them to open the garage yet though!

Prizey has become a little bit of an obsession for me since my part-time single mamahood began, in part because toddlerhood is kicking my ass, and once P’ito goes to bed, I have very little emotional energy left to give to anything.

Don’t get me wrong – P’ito is absolutely, ferociously wonderful. In the past couple of months, he has developed a fantastic sly mischevious sense of humor: hiding behind corners and then popping out at me with a huge grin, rolling over and playing bare-tushed sleepy on the changing table, turning all possible objects into hats or telephones – always with that little aren’t I cute? smile.

But when he’s awake I am constantly either playing with him or on alert: why is it so quiet? what does he want? He’s not super-verbal yet, so we stand in front of the fridge with him pointing and going “meh! meh! meh!” and I try to figure out – does he want the picture of Pili? The cat-butt magnet? The list of phone numbers? Of course, he wants the small choking-hazard magnet! He’s really into testing limits right now: looking at me with his arm raised and the nice-ecologically-sound-extremely-HARD-wooden-projectile-toy in his hand & smiling: “Watcha gonna do, Mama?” Throwing food is big right now. Taking a big slurp on his sippy cup, looking at me with that oh-so-innocent smile – and spitting milk down his shirt (insert maniac toddler giggles here). And OH, the tantrums, the YOU MADE ME PUT MY SHIRT ON! YOU MADE ME TAKE MY SHIRT OFF! boneless on the floor tantrums.

End result: hundreds of posts bookmarked on my bloglines to go back and comment on, and some excellent free stuff.

A Slow Low Whiny Day

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I am very ready for winter to be over.

I’ve been feeling down lately – not down down, but just kind of muted. I’ve gotten past the “WOW! This place isn’t my old job!” excitement stage at work and I’m having a hard time keeping my enthusiasm up through the grey of winter.

I’m nervous about my upcoming Adventures in Single Motherhood. After a nice long research leave, Pili is headed back to work. Work is two hours away, which means that Monday-Wednesday nights, it will be me and the boy. Any tips on getting out of the house in the morning singlehanded will be much appreciated.

I had an appointment with New Endo this morning: no insta-A1C machine, so I will find out tomorrow exactly how sucky my A1C is. Last one was 6.9: I am thinking somewhere around 8.3 😦 New Endo was perfectly nice, but not nearly as thorough as Good Endo back in Less Urban City, and he wants me to log. Good Endo just downloaded my meter and pump. I am tempted to just keep seeing him, but in the end I’m not sure I am committed enough to my diabetes management to drive five hours roundtrip to see a doctor.

I hate seeing new doctors: I recite my medical history and they hmm and haw and bite their cheeks and say “you’re awfully young to have that” (3 basal cell carcinomas, little bastards) and I just feel like a big old freak of nature. This is compounded by the fact that I am back to my highest ever weight, and feel icky and fat – I’m muffin-topping out of all my jeans. I need to start doing the weight-watchers thing again, but when? (see above re: Single Motherhood) The online version doesn’t work for me – I need to be accountable to someone other than myself. I know that once Pili gets home, I’m going to want to see her, not spend all my time racing off to the gym and doing all the errands I couldn’t do when she was away. Oh, and I am having a major flare up of my l1chen p.lanus and my exczema, so I’ve got red itchy blotches all over my hands, stomach, underarms, and underboobs. And the dermatologist’s first appt is not until March. C’mon let’s hear it folks – am I not The Sexiest Woman Ever? (ahem). Let’s hear it for the medical trainwreck. Actually, the reason I made L.P. ungoogleable is that apparently there are people who think it is sexy and put up p@rn sites devoted to it. So hey, some icky wicky sleazeball out there on the internets thinks I’m sexy!

While I may be lacking in the Sexy of Late, P’ito remains quite possibly the Cutest Boy Ever (excepting the children/nephews/ friendskids of my kind readers, of course).

Tiger Rider Ride 'Em Cowboy

Ladybug Ball Smiles

p.s. Congrats to Cheri, Gary & Eliana, who are OUT OF PGN! and Ezra & Jenny who welcomed Elsie Jane and two mommies, who have a damn cute boy of their own.

Thanks & Etc.

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Thank you all so much for the virtual shoulders.

I went into a store today where they had a big fat b/w cat who let me scoop him up on my shoulder and love on him.  (I am totally more likely to purchase things at stores with cats) And I felt a twinge, an ache, a memory of how much of a solid armful Louie used to be before he got sick, along with an awareness that the Louie I loved was gone long before the vet lifted the stethoscope off his chest and said “I am so very sorry.”

And then somehow I keep finding myself here.

On a totally different subject:

I posted some possibilities (and some pretty hilarious outtakes) for our first “look how cute our kid” is holiday card photo here. I am feeling pretty uninterested in putting in the effort to send out cards but at the same time for so long when I got all the cute cards with pictures of other people’s kids, I sustained myself by thinking about, next year, when we have our baby… so I’ll be damned if I don’t do it this year. Family photos are friends only, so please ask if you want to be be-friended. And please tell me which one you like best!

And on yet another different subject:

Go send Cali some love – she is having her retrieval tomorrow! Here’s wishing you more eggs than a matryoshka factory!

And welcome to the world little O’Flipper. If your mamas don’t post pictures soon, they may be responsible for my untimely demise – I mean, if I drive to Bklyn in a snowstorm because I’m jonesing to see this baby, and I freeze to death in a snowdrift somewhere, wouldn’t it be their fault?

(attn: postpartum hormones – that was a joke!)

I am once again reduced to bullet points

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In order to get a post up more than once every two weeks. Oh, and if you know of any organizations that fund technology support for not-for-profits, please let me know? I’d love to liberate my workplace from Mac OS 9.2 so that I can blog at work again without bringing in my personal laptop so that I can actually get some work done without having my computer crash every five seconds.

  • Pepito birthday wishes – thank you, thank you, thank you!
  • Holy shit, child is walking. Who gave him permission to do that?
  • Diabetes management: what’s that? Or: I thought it was hard to make sure I left the house with all the supplies I needed before I had a child.
  • Need to find endo and primary care in MUCDTR, stat.
  • Symptoms of frozen shoulder? (see previous item) Am really hoping this is just a pinched nerve. Ouch.
  • Missed a birthday party for a good friend this weekend. I suck. Go wish gandksmom a happy birthday please, so I don’t feel like such a loser.
  • If you were tagged for a meme over six months ago, should you just let it go or should you go back and do it?
  • V. V. V. Happy for Cheri, Gary, and Eliana!
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