The world’s most tolerant cat

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Donut entered our lives on a cold and windy night in early December. I found him in a strip mall parking lot. I went to see if he had a collar on, since he looked way too fat to be a stray.

Turns out he was a stray. A stray who was living on hand-outs from Dunkin’ Donuts. Believe it or not, he’s still a kitten, which means he may be larger than your average golden retriever by the time he’s done.

He’s obnoxious to the other cats, has almost taken my hand off when I tried to keep him from getting outside again, has a purr that could melt glaciers, and tolerates P’ito’s abuse without blinking. Behold.

Damn, he’s cute

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Kitty Cat from Art Sweet on Vimeo.

Baths are for Wimps from Art Sweet on Vimeo.

Because I use P’ito’s Real Name in these clips, and because there is some nekkid baby tush in them, these videos are password-protected. It’s the same password as I used before; if you’ve lost it or don’t have it, leave me a comment with your email and I’ll send it to you if you don’t seem like a creepy child pornographer.

If I don’t send it right away, it’s probably not because I think you’re creepy, I’m just busy.

On that note, back to grant applications I should have done a month ago.

Thanks & Etc.

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Thank you all so much for the virtual shoulders.

I went into a store today where they had a big fat b/w cat who let me scoop him up on my shoulder and love on him.  (I am totally more likely to purchase things at stores with cats) And I felt a twinge, an ache, a memory of how much of a solid armful Louie used to be before he got sick, along with an awareness that the Louie I loved was gone long before the vet lifted the stethoscope off his chest and said “I am so very sorry.”

And then somehow I keep finding myself here.

On a totally different subject:

I posted some possibilities (and some pretty hilarious outtakes) for our first “look how cute our kid” is holiday card photo here. I am feeling pretty uninterested in putting in the effort to send out cards but at the same time for so long when I got all the cute cards with pictures of other people’s kids, I sustained myself by thinking about, next year, when we have our baby… so I’ll be damned if I don’t do it this year. Family photos are friends only, so please ask if you want to be be-friended. And please tell me which one you like best!

And on yet another different subject:

Go send Cali some love – she is having her retrieval tomorrow! Here’s wishing you more eggs than a matryoshka factory!

And welcome to the world little O’Flipper. If your mamas don’t post pictures soon, they may be responsible for my untimely demise – I mean, if I drive to Bklyn in a snowstorm because I’m jonesing to see this baby, and I freeze to death in a snowdrift somewhere, wouldn’t it be their fault?

(attn: postpartum hormones – that was a joke!)

“L” as in…

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There’s a brown smudge on the toilet bowl I can’t quite bring myself to clean up. It’s not poop, it’s catfood that I flushed down the toilet on Thursday, after Louie didn’t want to eat any of his dinner. He had had kidney problems for a long time, but had been doing well until recently.

On Thursday, we brought him to the vet. On Friday morning, the vet called and said that we needed to talk about Options. On Friday night, my sweet sweet kitty went to sleep for the last time.

Louie was my baby. He was my kitty that I got when Pili and I were first dating, who was never happier than when he was stretched out in my lap, having his chin scratched. He slept on my pillow and let me rest my head on him. When I was sad, I could hold him like a doll and cry into his fur. He “caught” catnip mice and brought them to us, and wouldn’t shut up until you took the mouse and told him what a good hunter he was. When he wanted to sit on my lap, he would put one paw on my leg first. He put up with the other cats, tolerated Pili, and loved me unquestioningly.

He knew me before I was who I am now and losing him feels like losing a piece of myself.

Goodbye LouLou. I hope there are warm laps, bowls of milk, and wiggly bathroom ties whereever you’ve gone.

We miss you so very very much, my loulou patootoo mr. spots. I wish I could have you back for just one more snuggle.

I wish you were here to lick the tears off my face right now.


Many topics, one post

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Does this happen to anyone else? I have Big Serious Bloggable Ideas float through my head when I’m driving or showering or singing the baby to sleep with the same two lullabies whose lyrics I actually know… and then by the time I get to the computer, I am brain dead, and it’s about all I can do to post a few pictures or cute P’ito stories. Things I Really Do Want to Write About Include:

  • How I think having diabetes might help me understand how it feels to be adopted
  • Feeling guilty about how going back to work wasn’t as hard as everyone said it would be
  • How utterly bizarre it is to hear the same two lullabies my parents sang to me coming out of my mouth
  • The sheer physicality of my love for Pepito
  • 23 interesting facts about me (I believe I’ve been tagged for the 8 facts meme twice and the 7 facts meme once)
  • My anxiety about the not-too-far-off move to MUCDTR and how it will impact our relationship and how I deal with it by totally sticking my head in the sand until there is sandpaper in my eardrums
  • Pepito’s first pediatrician visit (he had an ear infection! we had no idea!)

Any requests? I’m more likely to actually write in response to someone else’s prompting than out of the desire to hear myself talk…

On another note: random parenting questions

  • How much water do you put in the bath tub and how do you control a wriggly child in said tub? P’ito loves baths, but hates the little baby tubs. His favorite thing is to bathe with one or both of us, but that’s not always possible. Tonight he climbed off the little baby sling and started crawling around the tub.In the BathThen he managed to get himself into a downward dog position in the tub! I almost had a heart attack.
  • Do you love your stroller? If so, what is it, and why do you love it?
  • What to do about a vague cat pee smell in the baby’s room? I can’t exactly find the source and I don’t know which cat is at fault – he’s tormenting all of them. And is there anything we can do to help the cats and the baby learn to love one another?
  • In Pursuit

Some P’ito milestones from the past week: Stands with a parent helping him! Sits on his knees – is almost pulling up to standing… and I came home from work today to discover that he has become downward dog baby! There are more pictures on flickr.

And some thank you notes…

Jen, Cait & Natalie sent us a fuzzibunz diaper and a hemp insert

Diaper from Jen & Cait!

Thank you for inducting us into the cult helping us understand the confusing world of cloth.

And the Family O sent an adorable outfit (onesie? what is this thing called?) for P’ito

Outfit by Lo & Co

Thank you! He was indeed.

Strange Things

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Someone found this blog searching for “can a cat be reincarnated as a child.”

I hope so, because Sambar would make an awesome kid.

Thank you so much for all your love and support. Yesterday was so awful – coming home and finding her, then discovering that mice had been hard at work in the drawers of the linen cabinet when I went looking for an old blanket to wrap her in…  Your thoughts and kind words made it better.

Today I was driving to the vet with her body to have it cremated when I noticed that ahead of me there was a beautiful rainbow. I’m not sure what I believe about life beyond, but this certainly seemed like some kind of message from Sambar – that she is in a better place, filled with catnip and cream and rice and tilapia (strange cat, our Sambar).

I don’t know what to say

March 25, 2007 at 11:26 pm | Posted in Meows | 46 Comments

Except rest in peace, my sweet sweet Sambar kitty. You will be sorely missed.

You charmed even non-cat people. You sat patiently by as sticky-fingered two-year olds fondled your ears a little too roughly. You had the softest fur in the world. You were a rag doll in our arms, happy to be cradled and kissed. When I picked you up, you put your paws around my neck.  You loved to burrow under the covers and make a nest for yourself. You had to sit on the newspaper when someone was reading it. You knew your name, and you would come inside when Pili called you.  You cuddled with the other cats and kept them in line with your iron paw.

Sambar Mosiac

You will be sorely, sorely missed, my sweet spicy spunky Sambar Cat.

We now return you…

November 17, 2006 at 11:28 am | Posted in AdoptThis!, Meows, Photo Friday | 13 Comments

to your regular photo friday edition. But not without first saying Thank You Thank You Thank You for all your wonderful Guatebaby comments. We are definitely saving those for the baby book. “Look sweetie chubbycheeks, lots of people in the internet love you. And we do too. night-night”

On that note. E is for…

E is for...

Early Morning. Actually, I was just going to bed.

Those of you who are already parents, please resist the urge to tell me how much my life is going to change in a few months, okay?

After a night of intense conversations about work-life-family-choices coming down the pike, and a stupid fight over baby names that really had more to do with the fact that we are both E for Exhausted, this is how I felt.

And how I felt

(I just have to note that viewed large in flickr these actually look kind of interesting. Even though they look like crap here.)

But I can’t leave you without a little cuteness. So, behold the cats.

Kitty Headlock

Photo Friday: C is for…

November 3, 2006 at 10:55 am | Posted in Meows, Photo Friday, The Sweet Life | 14 Comments

C is for...

C is for CHOCOLATE. Also for carton, almost empty. And carbs. The horrible thing about eating ice cream is that when the carton gets most of the way empty, it’s more embarrassing to put it back in the freezer and have Pili say, with raised eyebrow, where did all the ice cream go? when she looks in the half almost empty container then it is to just finish it off and have the container go in the trash unnoticed.

In which case, B must be for bolus. (And in this case, alas, B is also for Breakfast.)

I think I want to do a project of a diabetes alphabet in pictures.

A = alcohol swabs
B = bolus, blood
C = carbs
D = diabetes (how to photograph that? Or perhaps D = depression?)
E = exercise
F = fat (? again how to photograph – a stick of butter?)
G = glucose tabs
H = hate it (!) HBA1C
I = insulin, injection, infusion site

To be continued… your suggestions welcome.

And just because I know you knew I couldn’t resist:

C is also for…

C is for...

Cat. Close-up. Cute. Cuddly.

All Four, II

Cats. All four of them. On the bed. At one time.

Photo Friday: B is for…

October 27, 2006 at 12:08 am | Posted in Meows, Photo Friday | 13 Comments

Baby Clothes.

B is for Baby (Clothes)

B is for Baby (Clothes) Close Up

I was in Targhay, searching for the elusive out-of-season plant stand and a new light for the guest room baby room to be. And somehow I found myself wandering next to a clearance rack of incredibly tiny clothes. And before I knew it, this had made its way into my shopping cart.

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