Photo Saturday: A is for…

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Sleeping kitties

Thank you for all your support and comments yesterday. I think it’s good for me, as a total non-smoker, to be reminded by others what a tough habit this is to kick. And you all are my witnesses, that Pili says she is back on the wagon as of tomorrow. Honestly, if ever a situation called for falling back on old comforts, this one did.

I am so awed by my Pili – by her steadfastness and dedication. I always knew it, but now I know it more than ever. She’s going to be an awesome mom.

Oddly Anticlimactic but Still Exciting

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It weighs eight and a half ounces.
It’s got lots of flashy gold seals.
It has caused us more irritation, sleepless nights, and bitten down fingernails (not that I really need an excuse) than I care to remember.
And now I have to let it go and trust it to the impersonal hands of the united states postal service.

Goodbye, Mr. Dossier.
Hello, Guatebaby?

The cats are not sure what they think about this development.

Bart with Dossier Sambar with Dossier
Idli with Dossier Louie with Dossier

The fine print: We can expect a referral sometime in the next 1-4 months. Hopefully, before we get the referral, we will have received our I-171H (authorization to adopt from Homeland Insecurity), as we cannot be pre-approved by the U.S. embassy in Guatemala without this. Once we accept the referral (more frantic notarizing, certifying, and authenticating) the baby and mother will be tested to make sure their DNA matches. Once we have a positive DNA match, we get to go to Guatemala and visit with Guatebaby.

Our documents will go through family court and then through PGN, aka the Guatemalan attorney general’s office, where they will be scrutinized for petty excuses to make us redo documents for typos, notary errors, and etc. At any point during this process, the mom can decide that she wants to parent the child. Although it’s not a frequent occurence, our agency has had moms choose to parent, and that was part of why we choose to work with them. The rule of thumb is to expect the unexpected, but most adoptions are completed when the baby is between six months and a year. There’s a very detailed flowchart (pdf) here, for those of you who are information junkies.

Once Guatebaby is home (ack, still not totally comfortable with that phrase) with us, we’ll do a readoption here, so that we’re both legally his/her parents (thank you New York State, for not being run by evangelical freakazoids so that we can do this).

It’s really hard, looking at this stack of paper, to believe it will bring us a baby. But I have to believe.

Photo Friday: The Very Clean House in Which I Blog

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Very clean house, because Mrs. Vaseline Teeth came over today and did the home visit! She seemed very pleased with the house, with my peppermint ice tea and zucchini bread, and with the cats, and was her general agreeable non-questioning self.

Thanks to the wonders of laptops and wireless internet, I blog all over the house.

I blog in bed. With (from L to R) the laptop, the fan (because it’s damn hot), Bart, Pili’s knees, and Idli.


I blog in my office. Pili and I share an office; I have this cute little alcove at the south end of the room. Go to flickr to see all the commentary on this one.


And in the winter I can frequently be found blogging in front of the fire.


Note the happy hanukkah lights!

Meet Smokey!

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Self Portrait with Pump Smokey

At the moment, .5u/hour of saline is pumping into my abdomen.

Tomorrow we go live. Woohoo!

I have already had a Tubing Incident. The World’s Most Wonderful Electricians came over today to fix a lengthy list of small things. For what it would have cost for them to say hi in Flat Cosmopolitan City, we had:

  • two GFCIs installed
  • broken closet light fixed
  • two broken outlets replaced, one of which could have burned down the house
  • outdoor motion-sensor light installed, switch fixed
  • a couple of other things fixed

This involved me taking one of the electricians up to the attic.

I scooped up Bart to try and extricate him from the fascinating new playground of the attic. He struggled. Paws were entangled in pump tubing. Ouch.

By the by, I’m really enjoying the comments on my OLGA (obligatory lesbian gender angst) post, so do scroll down and keep them coming. Big smooches also to the lurkers who have delurked and congrats to “anon” aka My First Boyfriend, who’s newly engaged to his boyfriend. Congrats sweetie – I’m so frickin’ happy for you!

I’m popular! (The obligatory sitemeter post)

June 11, 2006 at 2:20 pm | Posted in Blogging about Blogging, First Comes Love - Then Comes... GonalF?, Meows | 13 Comments

Someone with an ISP in Hinsdale, IL was my

10,oooth hit!

I’m soooo curious about these lurkers, especially the ones who show up on my statcounter again and again and never comment. Am I scary? Do I smell? If so, why do you keep coming around?

I know that people wind up here and probably don’t get what they’re looking for.

These folks for instance, who were led here by Professor Google.

pictures of tickled belly buttons just belly buttons
(A: I don’t think this site is what you were after)

picture of a cat wearing pj’s
(A: Four outraged cats spitting at the screen at the very thought)

Is it possible to be pregnant when it feels like AF is on it’s way?
(A: Yes, supposedly, but we wouldn’t really know. And “AF” is on “its” not “it’s” way – the possessive does not take an apostrophe)

our friend stole our sperm donor
(A: I’m sorry, I think.)

jiggly flab
(A: Plenty of that here, but not online, I’m afraid)

16,000 hcg pregnancy
(A: yeah, I can see why you didn’t linger here very long)

were does the snowbelt begin
(A: Where? Do you mean “where”? Because “we’re” where the snowbelt begins. Or at least it feels that way today.)

Coworker can’t give me insuline shot
(A: And why should s/he?)

Photo it’s actually Friday: Tacky & Tasteless

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Or: Why wedding registries are a good thing.

This is a vase my cousin sent us as a wedding present.

The Giant Chianti Vase

It looks like a giant chianti bottle minus the basket. (And yes, the rug is sorely overdue for vacuuming. See: four cats)

Giant Chianti Vase with Cats

The cats give you a sense of scale. These are not small cats, either.

What is that paper inside the vase? Why, that would be the receipt. I am sure my cousin thought that this was a very nice gift and that if we didn’t like it we could return it to the large chain store from whence it came. Except that the nearest branch of that large chain store is 200 MILES AWAY FROM WHERE WE LIVE. And it would now require some sort of special miner’s tweezers to get the receipt out.

Before you tell me what a selfish #$*@! I am, I am very grateful that my whole family has embraced Pili and I as a couple. We are so unbelievably lucky to have such family and friends in our lives. And I am grateful that they not only embraced us as a couple, but choose to give us presents to acknowledge that fact.

But geez. That. Vase.

The moral of the story: Wedding Registries = Good. Family = Good. Vacuuming = Bad & Overdue.

There is even more tackiness on the flickr stream, but I do actually have a job and I should be doing it.

Important Life Lessons

April 19, 2006 at 11:18 am | Posted in Meows | 7 Comments

When you’re running late for work…

and you can’t find your glasses.


Always remember

to check


the cat.

Perhaps I should start a website called “stuff under my cat”?

In the meantime, stuff on my cat is always good for a laugh on a slow day at work.

Just another…

March 20, 2006 at 6:01 pm | Posted in Bringing Home the Bacon, First Comes Love - Then Comes... GonalF?, Meows | 15 Comments

… come on 80’s fans, fill in the blank.

My mind is full of disconnected thoughts.

Beta is in 41 hours.

I forgot to call and make my annual opthamologist appt for the 10th day in a row. Despite writing “Optho” on my hand in sharpie.

I got a call back about the job. They sound very interested. They want me to come and interview in person. Oh. My. G-d. Did I mention that this job would involve moving? Not far, far away, but it’s not commutable from where we live now.

One of our only very good friends in City-I-Dislike finds out this week if she got the job that means she will be staying here for another three years or moving somewhere exotic for a year, possibly forever.

Beta is in 41 hours.

Pili reports no pregnant feelings. Please tell me all your stories about not feeling the slightest bit pregnant until the baby popped out to remind me that this is not unusual.

I’m terrified that I will use up all my luck on this job thing and the beta will be negative.

(beta is in 41 hours)

Logically, I know there’s no connection between the two. Speaking of which:

Superstition: Please Discuss

Two years ago, we found out that Sambar (orange kitty, sweetest cat on the planet earth) had a brain tumor. We came home from work one day and found her staggering around the house like a drunk, bumping into walls, meowing piteously, periodically collapsing on the floor. She went to see a kitty neurologist. Our options were paying $5000 for kitty brain surgery, or trying her on steroids to control the swelling. At one point, as we tried to face the reality of losing her, Pili suggested that maybe her soul was meant to be reincarnated in our child.

(Beta is in 41 hours)

Two years later, the steroids seem (so far, knock on wood, etc. etc.) to be working fine (aside from the diabetes side effect). And we still don’t have a child. Coincidence? Superstition. I don’t know. I hate to think there’s a connection, but part of me wonders.

(Beta is in 41 hours)

So please distract me. Stop lurking and tell me: What are your superstitions?

Photo Friday: aka I am a catlady…

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Goes together like Idli & Sambar

Clean Kitty

Bart in a Bag

Bartholomeow on Butt

Louie the Hunter

Are my beasties not cute? C’mon Bri, choose me, choose me.

Not much else to say. The ass-shots have commenced, and really, you’d think that after plunging needles into my own body for twenty years, I’d be able to do it to someone else without flinching, stammering, wincing, and getting light headed. Instead, it’s just another reason to hate mornings.

A random technical question: how do I get my bloglines blogroll to show in the sidebar? I have lots of folks I’d like to add to the list, but I’m too lazy to type them all in.

Our cat-with-diabetes

February 5, 2006 at 12:47 am | Posted in Meows | 4 Comments

and her non-diabetic pillow Posted by Picasa

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