Adoption is NOT always the answer

January 23, 2010 at 11:36 am | Posted in AdoptThis!, On the road again... | 7 Comments

I am getting really fed up with the media coverage of Haiti that implies that international adoption is the best thing for Haiti since, oh I don’t know, clean water.

A really good post that gets into why this is not so is here – and the author’s earlier post here.  I am really pissed to hear that APs and PAPs are attacking her for what she has said.

My feelings about the whole wet hot mess are very nicely summarized by PEAR here. Yes – if you were already matched with a child pre-quake and the Haitian govt has already found that the child is clear for int’l adoption and all you are waiting on is USCIS paperwork, then USCIS should make that happen ASAP.  If a child is not already cleared – then we all need to do everything we can to make sure that that child has a safe place to live, good food to eat, and help connecting with their family of origin FIRST before they get placed.  Even kids who were already in an orphanage may have families looking for them.  International adoption is NOT the best way to deal with kids and disaster relief.

Oh, and um – we just had our profile sent out to a possible expectant mom.  Please keep her in your thoughts – that she is supported and given good resources as she makes her decision about what is best for her and her family –  be that parenting or adoption.


ETA: Another excellent link –

The Dangerous Desire to Adopt Haitian Babies

We interrupt this unintentional blogging hiatus

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to say that we are OFFICIALLY HOMESTUDY READY for #2.

And now we wait.

p.s. And this is where I am supposed to “network” – the very word of which makes me a little queasy in the back of my mouth – and say that if you are an educator/social workie/medical/barista/works with people who might be pregnant and not interested in parenting type of person, and you would feel comfortable letting someone know that you know someone who wants to adopt… um, drop me an email or something and I will tell you more.  Okay thxbai.

Signed, sealed, and in the mail today.

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Dear Adoption Agency Lady (AAL):

Enclosed please find the remaining documents needed for our homestudy:

  • New set of fingerprint cards for ArtSweet (Apparently the first ones weren’t good enough)
  • Autobiographies, ArtSweet & Pili
  • Employment Information Form
  • Salary Letter & W2 forms
  • Financial Statement
  • Psychologist Letter (ArtSweet)
  • Driver’s License Photocopies
  • Medical Forms, Art, P’ito & Pili
  • Post Adoption Contact Form
  • Child Interest Grid
  • Child Identity Grid
  • Reference Form
  • Homestudy Workbook
  • 1040 Forms, Art & Pili
  • Photocopy of Insurance Card
  • Certified Birth Certificates
  • Domestic Program Fee

There’s a new little widget over there on the right…

Off to start spit-polishing the baseboards.


Two Years Ago…

July 13, 2009 at 8:43 pm | Posted in M'ijo, On the road again... | 15 Comments

today, we landed at the Atlanta airport with P’ito.

We celebrated today with ice cream, a family swim, and oh, by getting fingerprinted for adoption v. 2.0.

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