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Coming up

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I’m working on a post about our visit with Posy’s birthfamily (short version: very good visit) but it will be password protected… so email me at if you’d like the password, or leave a comment here.

Love/Hate Relationship

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with my optho…

Hate: 1:25 minute wait to see the doctor, with no apology or warning. Receptionist: “Talk about with the doctor. I can reschedule you if you’d like.” Doctor: “I can’t help it. You can go to another doctor if you don’t like it.”

But then…

Love: Another year with no signs of retinopathy. I was diagnosed on January 1, 1986, so that makes this 23.5 years of diabetes and counting.

Adult world, it was nice knowing you

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Seeing a taxi pull up in the driveway next to yours (P’ito: Taxi! Taxi! Taxi!) is an event of almost orgasmic joy (almost, my friends, almost).

Your child picks his friend’s nose and vice versa, and the only comment you have is “You know I’m blogging this.”

And just because – cute pictures.

Me Read!

Washington Park

T minus 5 hours and 11 minutes

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The movers. Are. Coming. At Eight. A. M.


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