About Me.

eyes 24 years and counting with Diabetees (not Diabetus), depression and a couple of other irritating diagnoses.

Adoptive mom to the World’s Best Boy (and now since summer 2012, the World’s Best Girl, bar none).

Formerly diligent blogger (see item 2 and 2a, above).

Email: artsweets AT gmail DOT com.


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  1. Hi. I don’t know if you remember me from the bluestatenonbiomom blog I used to keep. My partner and I had preemie twins in June; they were 23 weekers. The summer was traumatic, we lost one, we kept one, and I’ve started a new blog. Visit and link to Hallie’s blog at will–the URL is above.

    We hope things are going well with the adoption and we’ll be keeping you guys in mind this New Year’s.

  2. I just wanted to post a comment (I’ve posted one or two previously) since we met as part of the OC Dinner in NYC Saturday evening! My blog is identified here, too, but this way you can connect the name, blog and faces together.

  3. Your boy is beautiful! Good luck with adoption #2! And about the bug in your lettuce – don’t give up on the CSA! The benefit of organically grown food far outweighs the shock of eating a him! Thanks and good luck!

  4. Hey, how’s it going? A birthmom suggested that I send you this link:


    Use it if it’s of use to you!

  5. My friend started this awesome organization, FREE2LUV & I thought it would be perfect for your viewership. I would appreciate your support in helping spread the word!
    Check out this great cause at http://www.withoutegomedia.com/free2luv
    Thanks so much!

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