P’ito Needs a Penpal (and a response to a question)

June 4, 2009 at 11:31 am | Posted in M'ijo, Political Animal, We are Family | 4 Comments

I have gotten sucked into doing this stupid My First Chain Letter thing with P’ito, wherein you send a pack of stickers to one person and a letter to six and then eventually you are supposed to wind up with 36 packs of stickers.

If you have already done this and your kid didn’t get any stickers and got their poor itty bitty heart broken, please shut up remain discreetly silent.  If your kid you are willing to give it a shot, would you please send me an email with your address: artsweets AT gmail DOT com.  I need four more victims participants.

On a totally different note, Sarah asked:

Here’s a question for you: what is good etiquette for going to a gay pride parade if you’re straight? I’ve got a hand-tie-dyed rainbow shirt and a need to do something positive for gay rights – any suggestions? I’ve only recently (last couple of years) moved to [midsized Midwestern city] and haven’t made many friends yet gay or straight.

First of all, thanks Sarah, for being a friend and ally to the gays 😉

It sucks trying to make new friends in a new place.

I think that just going and clapping and cheering and pumping your fist in the air when the gay vets go by adds to the supportive ambiance.  You don’t need to haul out the rainbow tie-dye, although if you wear your I heart Sarah Palin shirt, you may get some strange glances.

The one thing that straight people at gay pride do that gets on my nerves is to make out all over the place.  It’s pride – shouldn’t I get a break from your conspicuous display of heterosexuality for one day? That, and holding up protest signs, but somehow I don’t think you’re going down that route.

If you want to you, you can make yourself a sign that says something like “one more straight person for gay rights” – it’s nice to know that we have allies amongst the general public (it also makes you less likely to get hit on, if you’re concerned about that, although honestly, I’ve never been hit on at Pride, even when I um, wanted to be.)

Anyone else have any advice for Sarah?


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  1. Ya know, I can’t wait to take V to her first Gay Pride Parade but A) I’d most likely be doing it alone w/o the Mister, B) would NEVER dream of making out with him while at said event (we don’t make out in public period) and C) I actually wouldn’t want to separate myself as straight because to me, it’s about equality, not a “straight” person cheering on a “gay” person. It’s about accepting everyone for who they are and if people assume I’m gay because I’m at a gay pride parade, well, so be it! I’m sure gay people are mistaken for straight too. Please let me know if I’m stepping on any toes here.

  2. Art,
    Thanks so much for the suggestions! The tye-die is just a bad habit for me cuz it’s fun; I’ll make a point to not kiss my hubby if he comes; hopefully my wedding ring will keep me from being hit on (but apparently that expectation doesn’t apply in grotty bars, so who knows).

    Cameo, I like your point about not wanting to separate oneself out at a gay pride parade (and that we all have heteronormative expectations for people in our own lives). I’m wondering how much it depends on one’s own rationale for going to a pride parade – is it to show support? solidarity? enjoy the spectacle? celebrate equality? Everyone’s philosophy is a bit different here, and I think there are people on both sides.

    Is it bad if a little part of why I’m going is to make friends? Much like my experience with diabetics, anyone who experiences prejudice and the general $#!+iness of life when you’re different tends to be worth getting to know.

  3. hey art- did you guys get any stickers in the mail from doing that chain letter? we sent out our letters and stickers to the person we were supposed to send to. yesterday i got one pack of stickers in the mail. i wonder if more are to come, or if it is dead in the water. how about you?

    • We JUST got a few stickers in the mail – not holding my breath for more..

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